Iconic 184 Pull Handle in Polished Brass

Iconic 184 Pull Handle in Polished Brass

SKU: YS-0200030

A simple, elegant and sleekly styled 184mm wide solid brass pull bar handle conceived, manufactured and finished in our UK factory.


Our Iconic range of solid brass handles and knobs are aimed at more contemporary settings, however being available in all our stunning finishes we are quite confident they will find their way into more classical schemes also.  


Polished Brass - This is a special hand applied finish and hard stove lacquered to protect from day to day use. A timless classic which can be found in both modern and antique settings.

  • Care Information

    We recommend the occasional use of a soft damp cloth to clean the finish, always dry after use and regular use of a quality wax polish high in carnauba wax will protect the surface from day to day use.

    Please do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning products.